Compelling ROI

With the dramatically reduced cost of installing solar and the substantial savings solar projects generate from day 1, commercial solar projects can deliver rapid payback and outstanding long-term investment returns for businesses. 

Benefit from Government Incentives

Federal, State, and Local governments offer substantial incentives to encourage businesses to go solar.  These incentives include various tax incentives, rebates, and grants that can dramatically reduce the upfront costs of solar. 

Eliminate Exposure to the Rising Cost of Electricity

The cost of electricity has historically increased at annual growth rates in excess of 5%. An on-site solar system allows you to generate your own clean electricity and eliminate your company's exposure to such price volatility.

Environmental Responsibility and Marketability

Going solar is an investment in an green energy solution that will position your business as a environmentally responsible, forward thinking organization.  Solar investments are invaluable image-building opportunities for companies. 

Choosing Photon Development as your solar energy project partner will give you an experienced, trusted advisor that will work with you every step of the way to ensure the success of your project.  

Beginning from a feasibility consultation, our team of experienced professionals will guide you step-by-step through the process of financing, designing, and installing solar to achieve a successful outcome for your business. 


1. Solar Feasibility Consultation

  • Review the customer’s energy usage profile
  • Conduct site survey
  • Build a business case
  • Deliver detailed proposal

2. Financing Options

  • Provide customized financing options which best suit our customer’s preferences
  • Manage the applicationprocess for all incentive and rebate program

3. Design and Installation


  • Turn-key process
  • We design, install, and connect the system to the utility grid using premium equipment

4. Operations and Maintenance

  • Monitor and Maintain the installed system
  • Industry-leading warrantee to mitigate customer risk